A downloadable game for Windows

Collect resources from the environment and turn them into something useful! Chop trees, hunt animals, collect rocks, cook a steak...

  • WASD - To move
  • SPACE - Attack mob/chop down trees
  • E - Interact (chop trees, pick up items, attack mobs)
  • Q - Inventory (open/close). 
    • Click image to craft
    • Go near campfire to make steak
  • ESC - Pause menu (resume/quit buttons)

I will continue to work on the game until I feel it is complete. I was going for a Stardew Valley and Minecraft feel. 

  • Pixel art made in paint.net and piskel 
  • Music made in LMMS
  • Coded using Pygame
  • Sound effects in audacity

Other resources (temporary until I make my own):


  • Build mode
  • Sound Effects!
  • Mob attacks and animations
  • Change equipped tool
  • Mine rocks (instead of only picking it up)
  • More mobs
  • Farming
  • Proper inventory UI
  • Polish
  • etc.

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip
  2. Extract folder
  3. Run Gallivanter.exe


Gallivanter_5.zip 38 MB

Development log

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